Welcome to Zagon's website!

My name is Andrés. I like to make apps that everyone can enjoy on every device without limitations. That menans, every app here is completely ad-free  and 100% free.

Of course, I still need money to pay for the servers, so please consider donating to keep this website on float. :)

– Enjoy!

  • 99% uptime
  • 100% Open Source
  • Smells like lemons.

Innova Notas

  • No Google account required.
  • Hosted on Google's servers.
  • View and download options available.
  • No sign-in required.
  • Completely ad-free!

Our most popular apps


    Completely ad free!
  • Unblock almost every website.
  • Completely anonimous.
  • US based web server.
Most used!


  • Completely ad free!
  • Built-in video downloader.
  • Unblock geoblocked videos.
  • Based on You2PHP v2.3

YouTube DL

  • Completely ad free!
  • Download videos in various formats.
  • Supports geo blocked videos.
  • Supports music videos.

All of them made by myself. (yay!)

Why no ads?

No one likes ads. Neither do I.

That's why all my apps are completely ad-free.

I receive donations from very generous people that want to keep this small project on float.

You can view the list of people that donated below.

How does it works?

Because all of my apps are web based, they can be used on any device with a screen and a web browser.

That means you can use Zagon Proxy on your Gucci Smart Toilet without any problems.

Watch videos everywhere

With ZagonProxy and ZagonProxy YT you can watch your favourite YouTubers everywhere.

100% free

You don't need to pay for anything in here.


You can use it in every device with a screen and a web browser.

No ads!

Nobody likes ads. That's why we don't have any of them!

Compatible devices

Smart TV






Chrome OS

Samsung Smart Fridge